Thursday, 13 April 2017

Tulum – Your Next Big Travel Destination in Mexico

Around 130 kilometers south of Cancun is nestled this beautiful resort town of Tulum on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Home to archaeological sites, temples and national parks, the town has attracted thousands of visitors from all around the globe. Speaking of the pristine coastline, Tulum has got some of the best in the country. Dotted with confectioner-sugar sands, palm trees with balmy breezes and jade-green water, the coastline makes a top notch attraction in Mexico. Besides that, where will you avail all that and a stunning Mayan ruin?

Ruinas Mayas de Tulum:

Visiting this archeological site involves a lot of walking and climbing. While a guided tour is often recommended to visit Ruinas Mayas de Tulum, you can explore it by yourself and enjoy the adventure. It is nicely perched in a beautiful location with the Caribbean Ocean in the backdrop

LabnaHa Cenotes & Eco Park:

If you are visiting with your lady partner and want a private tour, they have such tours offered to the travelers. This one is one hell of a place. Once you get inside, you are surely going to get lost in this magical paradise.

Be it the Tulum National Park, the Templo de las Pinturas or the Coba archaeological site, if you are visiting Tulum, make sure that you are staying at luxury villas in Tulum.

Booking a villa directly with the owner would bestow you a plethora of benefits, including discounted price. You get to stay in a homelike place where amenities like a TV with cable connection, high speed internet, pool, outdoor facilities, etc. available in plenty. Spend the day at the nearest park, soak up the sun on the beach, plunge into an array of beach activities and return to your abode for a good night’s sleep. If your group has someone who loves to prepare food, make the most of the modern kitchen. The kitchen is fully-blended with stainless steel appliances.